Shoe Flower Arrangement

I was asked to do an arrangement for the grand opening of Gus Mayer's shoe department at the Summit. Our inspiration was a wire high heel...see how I combined these three containers to make a beautiful spring arrangement.

Step One: Double line the moss container with a garbage bag and fill with a few packing peanuts (for drainage) and fill wih potting soil.


Step Two: Cut oasis block to the size of the shoe. Any sort of knife will just cut right through it. And secure the shoe to the oasis with u-shaped wire pins.

Step Three: Place the shoe in the middle of the moss planter. Line the shoe with sheet moss to fill the wire form.

Step Four: Begin adding live plants. I selected ferns, tulips and hyacinths. I selected certain areas of the container to plant - so the shoe would still be seen from certain points of view.

Step Five: I then begin adding some cut plants/flowers that I placed in floral water tubes. I kept the stems cut low, so they would just be a ground cover around the remainder of the base planter.

Step Six: Begin adding flowers in floral water tubes to the high heel as well. And then secure and cover with  sheet moss.

Step Seven: Cut the extra liner back and tuck into the planter. Then begin adding mood moss to finish off around the flowers and cover any oasis that is showing. {Note: Its best to wet the mood moss first and then squeeze it like a sponge. It cleans it and makes it more pliable to work with and mold around plantings.}

Step Eight: I then finished of the moss planter or shoe box with a pretty blue ribbon and attached with pearl tipped pins. The shoe department has sky blue accents, so I wanted to pull that into the compostion.

Step Nine: I then used the same method of planting the wire handbag. I lined it with moss and filled with potting soil and peanuts. Wrapped the handle in the blue ribbon and placed some of the pink spray roses in the floral water tubes.

Step Ten: I've added a white primrose the the handbag and also lined the outer edge of the high heel with satin white ribbon to highlight the lines of the shoe. As well as a sassy bow to the heel in the sky blue

And Voila!!!
A wire shoe rising from a beautifully flowered shoe box with a coordinating handbag!

 Hope you'll go by and see the new Gus Mayer, as well as my arrangement!

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  1. It is fabulous!!!! And so special!! Definitely a show stopper!! Thank you!!
    Love, Katie (and all of Gus shoe family!)