Fabulous Finds Fridays....the Ribbon Pillow

You may have lusted over the likes of pillow made with rows of ribbon and velvet. I love this Dransfield and Ross one, especially the detail of the metal detail. A pillow like this would retail around $250-350 each.

A few weekends ago, I saw this pillow at World Market. Great copy for $19.99!!!
And I believe they had additional sizes too!


Showhouse Reveal


I chose Benjamin Moore's Floral White for the room. It was much needed after the 80s pink that was there previously. I put a round table in the space with a beach colored linen cloth and  a aqua ikat topper. I also placed a console on the back wall with a mirror propped on it. I love how the mirror's curve almost mimics the arched entrance to the dining room.

Then I brought in the tableware. My placesetting was composed of Arte Italica's Merletto Aqua Dinner Plate, a Craven Victoria plate and an Arte Italica Lino cereal bowl. For the stemware, I chose Juliska - the pewter Emerson Wine looks fabulous with the dinnerware and then it was paired with the Graham Footed Goblet. And the centerpiece is from Fortunata's Arno series.  

 And the finished product with beautiful white flowers to compliment the floral white walls!


Historic Hollywood Designer Showhouse

 This Sunday is the Historic Hollywood Homes Tour in Birmingham, Ala. Tickets are available on their web site and select retail outlets. There are 4 distinctive houses on the tour, including 102 Hollywood Blvd that is a Designer Showhouse. The following designers/stores are featured in the house: Suite Dreams, Table Matters, Pam Evans, Soho Retro, Birmingham Wholesale Furniture, CE Toliver, Leaf and Petal and Cater Landscaping. With Table Matters, I decorated the dining room. Here I'll show you BEFORE pictures.

What would you do with this walk-through dining room? 
Comment and tell me what you would do and I'll enter you in a drawing for a ticket for the the Hollywood Homes tour. I'll draw the winner on Thursday afternoon.

Later this week, We'll have the BIG REVEAL!


Remember the Gulf Oil Spill

Today marks the one year anniversary of the horrific blowout of the BP Deep Water Horizon oil rig disaster. As someone that has very deep ties to the region affected, I am saddened that many people across the country have so quickly forgotten about this disaster. Fisherman and oil workers have lost their jobs. Tourism is still down. Please visit Save our Shore to make a donation or visit the site to learn how you can help. Thanks!


Plenty of Thoughts...Need Organization Time

So I've still got pictures to share with you all from Virginia and I've got plenty of fabulous finds. I'm also working on a gardening project in my yard...so plenty of thoughts to share. All I need is organization time for my blog. I thought I'd leave you all with some inspirational images of desk areas.

Charlotte Moss

Lonny Mag

Lonny Mag

So until I get all of my photos and time management organized...enjoy these images. 
Don't you love the gilded frame with chicken wire?


Making of a Window Display: Annieglass

My inspiration always starts at different places. In preparation for Table Matter's Annieglass Signing Event, I started at Hancock's Fabrics. I wanted to run with the planned theme of the event -Protect our Seafood.

I knew I was going to use Seafood Watch pieces from her sea-inspired collection, but I needed a backdrop to create the movement of the sea. For our windows we usually use 2 or 3 panels depending on how much of the space we want to cover. The panels must be measured precisely, so they all hang even.

This is fun pattern I chose. Enough pattern to show up, yet large enough scale to be seen.

 Then I proceeded to hang up party balls and aqua netting to add a little something fun to it. As well as add depth in the top of the window.

I next chose a placesetting to work around - pulling colors out from the back ground and tying them all together. I chose textured pewter colored placemats, a Jan Barboglio nickel hammered nickel charger, a brown Craven dinner, with platinum Annieglass as the salad. For the stemware suite, I used a combination of different colors and style - the goblet is a recycled glass, the double old fashioned has a smoky opulescent hammered look and the fun bubbly hollow champagne flute. I then chose a white basic Matteo napkin to couple with a fun brown and ivory sea inspired napkin ring.

Next I chose various different serving pieces to compliment the dinner settings. I primarily used serving pieces in the Aquamarine and the Seafood Watch collection.Then add in a few faux coral fingers in white and black and there you have the sea as translated with Annieglass dinnerware.

And the final result! Come and Meet Ann on Friday, April 15 (And come see my window)!


Fabulous Finds Fridays - Reusable Plastic Flatware

I know it seems like I'm really into "plastique" lately, but I think its just this time of year with all the outdoor entertaining that comes along with spring and summer. In the past 5 years, plastic has been constantly reinventing itself - new forms, shapes, colors with all of the innovations of plastic injection molding (how it's made). This week I spotted this re-usable plastic flatware at Tuesday morning. It was $9.99 for a 12 piece set (4 Place Settings). Normal price is $20-25. Would be great to dress a little outdoor entertaining up without having to bring your everyday stainless outside.

They also had a fun Bamboo pattern, As you can see below in my terrible Blackberry photo. If I had to choose, I'd go for the Bamboo! What a great price for entertaining en masse. And its top-rack dishwasher safe!

So you may be asking yourself, are there any guidelines that go along with using and decorating with plastic? Definitely! Less is More!


2nd Stop - Fleurgriege : A Unique Floral Studio

After reading the Washington Post article about the floral designer that embellished my uncle's house for the  Christmas holidays, I was intrigued to see Jeanette Momeni's studio- Fleurgreige. The article marked her style as ultra-naturalistic. And I would dare take it a step further and say that's organic, but modern with a little romance. 

My uncle offered me a private tour of Fleurgreige as Momeni had closed early to pick her children up from school. The walls were a deep charcoal - a stunning backdrop for any bouquet of flowers. Very clean lines with tons of European style.

At the stairway entrance to her studio, bouquets were offered for a mere $20. 
Sure beats the bouquets from Whole Foods in price and style!

Not your usual florist shelf filled with glass cubes. Tons of cool containers!
Coincidentally she also references her collection in the Post article saying, "I like to be different from those glass cubes that you see everywhere." 

Her inspiration area - filled with photos of her own work, as well as a well edited stack of books from notorious designers, such as Christian Tortu. 

Now can you imagine yourself taking a flower class here?! Its a flower school too...what a soothing environment. With small, personalized classes teaching you real European style (read: not fussy) and you don't even have to travel to Europe. To contact about classes, click here.


1st Stop in D.C. - Marston Luce Antiques

We took the train up from Richmond to D.C. for a day trip. 
And believe it or not it was my husband's first train ride!!! Cheers! 

Our first stop after deboarding the train at Union Station was to my uncle's antique store to pick up a key to his house, where we were staying. Upon entry, we were greeted by his Jack Russell, Dink.{Side note: Dink is an Irish bred Jack Russell - which translates to very calm and loveable.} And we were very surprised and excited to learn that my uncle was still in town and had yet to depart for his home in the southwest of France.

Marston was still in town because a shipment had landed at port before he left and he had to stay to price and merchandise all of the new pieces.  I will share with you a few of my favorite pieces from the new shipment.

I need a new dining table! This would be perfect...if only I could afford the price tag! 
Beautiful green wash - don't think the picture does it justice!

I love antique linens!

Love this white lamp, especially on this refined French pine piece.

And this Swedish armoire my husband and I both fell in love with.  

He had multiples of this vase. It was simple and had a grey-tint with an emblem stamped on the neck. It was one piece that I seriously contemplated. At only $150, it was one of the only pieces in my price range.

If you're in DC, be sure to find this shop in Georgetown. 
There is also a web site, but items are often sold before making it to the site
Make it a destination, I can assure you that you'll leave inspired and with a small wish list.


Fabulous Finds Fridays - Living Art

I happened upon this Olivier Giugni's book a few weeks ago and I have literally read this beautiful coffee table book - cover to cover! He is the owner of a Manhattan floral boutique called L'Olivier. He hails from Brignoles, a Provencal town in the the Southeast of France. He has a very sleek style - read modern, but in a way that speaks to you.

In this book you explore the interiors of private residences and here you really see how many details are forethought in his designs. He wants the floral installations to compliment the interior design. And many of the designs are meant to last and be a part of the houses' design.

 This designer's book will definitely spark your imagination - even if this isn't your style. It will make you think of things in different ways and expand your horizons with different compositions and plant material. Run out and buy this book!

 It is a MUST have for any flower lover's book collection.