Fabulous Finds Fridays...Easy Care Silk Napkins

A few weeks ago I had a couple over that was newly engaged. I love planning a little dinner party and especially setting the table. After much debate and filing through my linen drawers I decided on pewter Juliska chargers with my Anna Weatherly china and these Kim Seybert Purple double-faced silk napkins.

Although my husband dissed the color, as being too much like "Mardi Gras." I used them anyway, as they are happy and fun and we were celebrating (and they looked great with my orchid...)

These napkins are also incredibly easy care and come in a variety of colors. Machine wash gentle cycle and then air dry - no ironing - no kidding! Come and see me at Table Matters to get some.


Scott's Market Recap

So here were some finds from Scott's Antique Market last weekend.....

Loved this wine bottle with crate as a lamp!

Hollywood Regency hello!

And yes I love a great glass pendant!

AND For a client I found the following pieces...

A mirror for an entrance hall...we need a little bit of wow..welcome.

And here is a sideboard that we are contemplating...if she doesn't get it, then I might!Its from Avignon...it had my heart when I heard that.

And this cool little gilded lantern for $40 - It will need a little re-wiring and TLC, but I love it. Please disregard the "lovely" rose print next to it. This lantern was definitely a find. Happy Antiquing!


Fabulous Finds Fridays...Stir Stick Paint Color Reminders!

So I've made the plunge and I've joined Pinterest. This week I've really enjoyed looking at different things. One thing that I happened upon and thought it was totally ingenious was these stir stick paint color reminders.

I try to keep a hand written list of my paint colors, but inevitably I loose it. This is such a great idea and I would definitely add ceiling and trim color to this fan of twine bundled stir sticks. Those I can't ever remember!!!

TGIF! I'm off to Scott's this weekend...Hopefully I'll find some things for clients and see some cool stuff to share with you all!


Tucked Away...Stools

Last weekend at Target I saw this amazing stool{for under $50}, I couldn't wait for Friday  (and its been too long without a post), so I thought I'd share today. I love the hexagonal shape too...a little different.

Now you may be asking what would I do with little storage ottoman stools (other than store stuff....duh). Tuck them away under consoles or desks or tables. And pull them out if you need more seating for guests. Otherwise, they just look good and soften the room. Can you imagine this photo below without the stools? 


Super Easy Sunday Supper

Have you ever bought the pizza dough at Publix (from the bakery section)? It's totally worth it. On Sunday afternoon my husband I were discussing what to have for dinner. We had leftovers from the previous nights, so we felt we should eat/use some of that. We used the previous night's chicken in the form of a BBQ Chicken pizza.

Rolled and tossed out the dough. Caramelized onions. Diced green bell peppers. Sprinkled salt and olive oil over the top of the dough. Now the sauce: BBQ sauce. And the toppings: chicken, mozzarella, green bell peppers, caramelized onions, and buffalo mozzarella. Bake at 400 for 20 minutes!

Et Voila....the easiest, best Sunday Supper!