A Wedding Happy

I love giving gifts and this one I must admit has a great presentation. One of my good friends is getting married one month from today and I thought a little 'happy' was in order for the day. I had previously given her a Juliska Amalia champagne flute for her engagement so what else to give her than another to share with her fiance along with a bottle of champagne. I also just happened upon an antique hand towel that graced her soon-to-be last initial - if I had been looking for it; I wouldn't have found it, but it was perfect for this occasion. Happy Wedding Sid!!!


Parker's Love for a Sofa & Designer Pillows

Parker loves sitting and sleeping on the sofa and snuggling with all the pillows. He particularly loves these with fabric by Cowtan & Tout.

We are getting a new sofa for Christmas....yeah!!! Now only to get Parker off of it when it arrives. He does love it and usually isn't destructive, but sometimes muddy.