Taylor's Wedding at the National Hotel in South Beach

YOU would think this was a model photo shoot, but no this is my friend Taylor from college. She was just absolutely stunning and perfectly, naturally beautiful! It guess it also helped that the scenery was beautiful as well down in South Beach...although it was chillier than usual. And her band was awesome - they were from Charlotte, NC.


A Wedding Happy

I love giving gifts and this one I must admit has a great presentation. One of my good friends is getting married one month from today and I thought a little 'happy' was in order for the day. I had previously given her a Juliska Amalia champagne flute for her engagement so what else to give her than another to share with her fiance along with a bottle of champagne. I also just happened upon an antique hand towel that graced her soon-to-be last initial - if I had been looking for it; I wouldn't have found it, but it was perfect for this occasion. Happy Wedding Sid!!!


Parker's Love for a Sofa & Designer Pillows

Parker loves sitting and sleeping on the sofa and snuggling with all the pillows. He particularly loves these with fabric by Cowtan & Tout.

We are getting a new sofa for Christmas....yeah!!! Now only to get Parker off of it when it arrives. He does love it and usually isn't destructive, but sometimes muddy.


Precious Cargo

Now that I have my new 'used' carseat...i'm finding new uses - especially since my nephew hasn't used it yet. Last week I keep flowers from spilling by strapping them in!!!


Save Our Shore

Help us save our Gulf coast and wetlands from the ravages of the montrous BP oil spill. Visit http://www.sossaveourshore.com/.
watch the video on how the hair booms work better than the others. The Army is now using this organizations booms instead of their own!!!Amazing!!!


Linguine with Scallops, Spinach, and Bacon in Champagne

It was only fitting that we break out the Bride and Groom's First Cookbook this week. So Friday night, I tried this delicious pasta and scallop recipe and it was a hit. It requires a bit of mulit-tasking, but it didn't take too terribly long and next time I'll know exactly what I'm doing. Cheers to those that gave me new cookware and this wonderful book!


Summer Wildflowers

It's saturday morning at the Alley household and I'm getting ready to pack up the car to do the Altar flowers at All Saints Episcopal Church in Homewood. I try to pick all of the flowers that I use for Flower Guild, so I found some black eyed susan's, purple cone flower, oak leaf hydrangeas and Annabelle hydrangeas, fern, hosta and pink mop head hydrangeas.

And the finished product...this one is for you Kathleen...we missed you all in church Sunday!