Miami Vice Blue

So on my first visit to my husband's childhood home, I realized why there are no prodigy child decorator's. When my husband was about 11 or 12 his mother let him pick out his room color.

He chose this color:

At first glance, this may look like a nice beach-y color - however; it is a little more electric than my picture reveals. My husband attributes this color to Miami Vice. He wasn't quite old enough to watch it, but it "seemed so cool."

In all fairness, the shade of blue was somewhere in between my photo and this Miami Vice logo. But combined with the red plain drapes, something wasn't quite working with his design.

As a child I was never able to make the complete decorating decisions about my room. My mom always laid out the basics - but I was then able to rearrange my furniture however and as often as I wanted. I may attribute my spatial ability/talent to being able to express my self by rearranging as a child. So mothers take note - you choose the paint colors, wallpaper, carpet, or drapes then let your child have fun accessorizing and rearranging!

Your child can always choose what color they want to paint their room in college - College is a time for experimenting isn't it?


  1. Hilarious! I'll keep this in mind...

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