Cupcakes and Champagne Part II

So the table is set and I'm ready for the party to begin. Drawing from the beautiful color of the invitation, I used a color palette of lavender, white and brown for the dinner festivities. The place mats are by Deborah Rhodes: Color Brown/Burnt - Style: Looped Edge. And yes, new dinner plates - Arte Italica Lino. The napkins are a lush (but machine washable silk) in light violet by ABH New York. The water tumblers were a gift from my Atlanta friend's last year. They are a brown smoky color with a fleur di lis and hobnail detail. And new flatware too - Lucia by Match Pewter...I'm in love!!! The stage is now set for this party - now we just need to start pouring the bubbly!! Cheers! Happy Birthday Sid!


Cupcakes and Champagne

So a few weeks ago, I graciously offered to host my dear friend Sidney's birthday. The plan was a small dinner for 6-8 and then a second round of people to come for Cupcakes and Champagne. A few weeks passed by - New Years came and went, then I went to market and now all of a sudden the party is almost upon us! Where does the time go? But not to worry...I never panic. We printed the invites and got them mailed last week (thanks to Brooke's help).

And now for the most important part - planning the party

  • Dinner: Something simple - due to the 2 different rounds of people. I'm thinking Lemon Poppy seed Chicken Casserole (like ole Letha used to make at the Phi Mu house) and baby spinach salad with crasins, almonds and a homemade vinaigrette.

  • Set-up: Here comes the tricky part...so I can comfortably seat 8 inside. And well the number for dinner is 9 somehow. So it looks like I might have to separate the party a bit unfortunately. Six in the dining room and 3 at the kitchen table.

  • Champagne: All of the girls from dinner will be bringing a bottle or two since we are expecting a crowd of 30 plus women.

  • Cupcakes:Brooke offers generously to make. Sounds like it is chocolate, lemon and coconut on the menu! Hmm.

More later... as I start setting the table and arranging for the dual party!