Paint Chip 4th of July Flags

So I have to admit, I saw this somewhere else first. (I would give credit, but honestly can't find it. I found it one night when I was jumping from blog to blog.)

I've started working on the decorations for my Mom's Birthday which happens to be the 4th of July. My mom is a decorator, so I thought the buntings made of paint chips would be very apropos considering that she is a decorator. Here is the beginning of my bunting....


Fabulous Finds Fridays...Rain Gear!

After a week of (much needed) rain, I thought it would be appropriate to share some of my favorite rain gear.

I saw this super cute umbrella holder at Z Gallerie a few weeks ago.Love the look of these faux riding boots as a umbrella stand and could just see them in a corner next to my front door - as if they were waiting to be worn. $79.95



And now to share with you, my favorite rain boots (to wear). I love DAV! Functional and cute.They have many designs (some resembling those above), but I love the cowboy in houndstooth and I'm not a Bama fan.

Perfect for making a splash on a rainy day! $49.00

Also, love this cute little flat that they make....$29.99
And I just found the Pagoda Umbrella! No wonder they call it Bella! $129


Shared Garden Space

So our little garden between me and my neighbor's house has come a long way. In case you didn't see my earlier post...here is the link. We've both added more plants and some sturdier stones for our pathway.

I've added more hydrangeas and will probably do more hostas. As for my neighbor, she's put in 2 limelight hydrangeas and a flowering peach tree in the back corner. And she has 2 terracotta pots with boxwoods to mark the entrance of our little path (see the top picture). We also found an abandoned rose the back corner!


Fabulous FInds Fridays...Preppy Rugs!

I found these cute preppy rugs at Garden Ridge. Just makes me think summer in the hot colors. These are cute 2' x 3's for only $7.99. Great for a bathroom, entrance doormat or in a kitchen behind the sink. And would be super cute at a beach place if you are so fortunate to have one!


Happy Summer!!!


Sunny Happy Yellow Chair

Last Saturday was the first 'off'' day that I hadn't worked since before Labor Day. I was exhausted, but still wanted to do a little shopping around for myself (after I went to the pool for a few hours.) I found myself hitting places in my neighborhood - one of those places being Stray Cats in Irondale. I found this sunny little french inspired chair and fell in love. I love the dainty lines and the color (although some might find it deplorable) would be perfect in my master bedroom. Great chair for my dressing table, as I'm using an uncomfortable stool  now. And at $99.....it was a steal.

Here she is...making herself at home in my master bedroom. I'm sure one day I might recover her. But right now, I'm loving the romantic nature of this yellow crushed velevet.


Fabulous Finds Fridays...Rustic Teak Containers!

I LOVE these teak containers that I saw at the Arbor in Southside this week. And they were an amazing price - $130! I loved the steel banding and the delicate bands of teak.
 Just makes me want to start a new container garden!

Also on their website, I found a few other finds....could just see myself sipping a glass of wine and visiting with a neighbor at this table.

And you see see their selection of fine stone urs and pedestals.

Happy Gardening!


Just another Wednesday Night - Flower Prep!

I"m working on flowers for a surprise anniversary party for a client. Last night I tried to get all my planted and faux arrangements out of the way, so I can work with the cut flowers tonight.

These are faux topiaries for a mantle. Made with foliage, berries and hydrangeas.

We are doing all white orchids in some Fortunata planters for the the outside tables. 
And the plum one is going in the half bath. 

The one in the bamboo planter is going on the new coffee table in the living room. 
And the one in the zinc is going in a bookshelf in the office.

Can't wait to show the finished product!
Many more arrangements left to do!!!


Go To Grey

When looking for a great paint color for a room - I usually start with greys. I love the way a grey can warm up a room - isn't that ironic? I think grey is a great backdrop for artwork and furniture!

I'm actually working with a new client and her whole downstairs is white - she moved in and didn't know what else to do. Once we get a painter in there - you'll see a fresh coat of Benjamin Moore's Titanium. Pictures to follow at a later date.

Here are a few inspirational greys from various designers:

via Decor Pad

via Decor Pad

via Unknown

via Decor Pad

A few colors, I love - Paris Rain, Titanium, November Rain, Bleaker Beige (all Benjamin Moore)...
What color inspires you?


Fabulous FInds Fridays...Marble Top Console!

Today I saw a great reproduction marble top console...great for a kitchen server. I could also see it in a keeping room. Could probably see it in a casual den behind a sofa....but I deleted the picture accidentally. (I'm just now learning about my new camera - my pictures will get better!!!) It was around $500 at Southeastern Salvage in Irondale.

So this isn't the piece, but a similar build. This is obviously an antique, but it will give you a general idea if this is something that you are looking for.

So the piece is probably a little longer. And there is no brass trim. There is a narrow drawer across the top under the marble. and then under the other shelves there are also narrow drawers. Love this piece...if only my island didn't have open shelving, I might consider this as a server!

Ok, so here it is..I went back last weekend and they still had 3 left.