Miami Vice Blue

So on my first visit to my husband's childhood home, I realized why there are no prodigy child decorator's. When my husband was about 11 or 12 his mother let him pick out his room color.

He chose this color:

At first glance, this may look like a nice beach-y color - however; it is a little more electric than my picture reveals. My husband attributes this color to Miami Vice. He wasn't quite old enough to watch it, but it "seemed so cool."

In all fairness, the shade of blue was somewhere in between my photo and this Miami Vice logo. But combined with the red plain drapes, something wasn't quite working with his design.

As a child I was never able to make the complete decorating decisions about my room. My mom always laid out the basics - but I was then able to rearrange my furniture however and as often as I wanted. I may attribute my spatial ability/talent to being able to express my self by rearranging as a child. So mothers take note - you choose the paint colors, wallpaper, carpet, or drapes then let your child have fun accessorizing and rearranging!

Your child can always choose what color they want to paint their room in college - College is a time for experimenting isn't it?


Ice Cream Spoons In-Stock

Just a quick note to let those intersted know that the spoon shipment has come in. Demi-tasse spoons $4, Tea Spoons $6 and Ice Tea Spoons $12.50. Come on in and see me today! And you can see all the happy colors here!


My Other Home Away from Home

Since Saturday I've been away with my husband visiting his mother in Richmond (hence the lack of posts).

Don't worry I'm gathering plenty of fodder for more blogs to come - highlights include, Seeing my husband's childhood home for the first time, traveling to DC on a train, visiting my uncle's antique store - Marston Luce, a unique flower school, and seeing the gilded Maymont estate to name a few.

The first day of Spring in DC.

My uncle's shop in Georgetown - Marston Luce.

And we've got one more day - so who knows what else! We've had fabulous weather and enjoyed seeing family.


Til next time....Happy Traveling and Shopping!


A Few of My Favorite Things

The day after my birthday I thought I'd share a few of my favorite gifts.

A Juliska naomi vase. A few years ago the floral desinger that did Princess Dianna's wedding came into the store. He was in town giving a lecture at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. He purchased this vase in clear and green. He said it was the perfect vase because you only needed one bloom!

I think it makes a beautiful statement - simple and elegant. I also love the sculptural feel of it too - even beautiful with no flowers at all. Can't wait to find the perfect place for it!

An Aquamarine & Pearl Torsade Necklace. Even though I'm a March baby, I've never been in love with Aquamarine stones. Most people ask me if I was born in February since I wear a ring adorned with an ametheyst stone on my right hand. When I saw this piece that my husband gave me I feel in love. I liked the fact that the stones were raw and not cut and polished - it has more of a natural look. I am looking forward to wearing it often and eventually passing it down to my children one day and telling them that their father gave it to me for my 30th birthday.

What is the most memorable birthday gift you've ever received?  


Taking on Another Decade....


via Rhode Island Flower Show

via Unknown

Which one (of the edible ones) would you enjoy the most?


Too Good to Wait - Chic Striped Rug

Yesterday on the way to the grocery store, I asked my husband if I could make my habitual monthly visit to Southeastern Salvage in Ironodale, Ala.  Its that sort of place...where you never know what you are going to find. It could be all junk or some amazing finds. Years ago, I found my kitchen island there.

But yesterday, I saw this amazing rug by Chilewich.

Its a vinyl shag - meaning its tufted from durable vinyl yarns for a textured 'looped' look. It would be beautiful in a white kitchen (as pictured above) - giving that added pop. But also fab on a screened porch or patio. It can easily be cleaned by mopping or vacuuming - ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, terraces and any house with a dog!

They had the 3'x 5' in stock and it was a whopping $9.98 - so if you live in Birmingham - run out and buy it if you are contemplating. It normally retails for $150!!! Happy Shopping!


Fabulous Finds Fridays...Have you seen the website Chairloom?

I LOVE the concept of this company - taking already beautiful antiques and giving them a new life.

They aren't located in my area, but I love checking their website and facebook page to see what they are up to! The company's mission statement "believes that one doesn’t need to buy something new to create a satisfying and inviting living environment. Instead (they) affirm the transformative power of applying a fresh, creative vision to quality antiques."

Check out how cute and cozy this wing back chair looks. Love seeing what fabric they are using. I could red that whole stack of books just sitting there!

She also has a section where she lists her favorite fabrics and on the facebook page you can see items for sale and her past creations.

How classic, yet updated are these chairs with Hable Fabric?!

What pieces in your house are you trying to update?


Garden Green Juliska Reminiscent of Old Majolica Leaf Plates?

So by now I'm sure you've seen Juliska's new Garden Green at your local retailer. At first glance, I thought it looked a little Christmasy - coming out right after the holiday season? And a rightful companion to the Ruby Red...

Surely it could be used as a holiday pattern, but the more that I've been using it in displays - the more it is reminding me of the old Majolica leaf plates. Not quite as intense and quite a different texture, but almost the same.

That green has the richness of an antique and the sophistication of a timeless pattern.

See how I combined it here with a gold Annieglass dinner, berry & thread salad.
So pretty...dressed up or down! Great for a little pop of color!

What do you think of the new garden green?


And the Sunday Party to End All Sunday Parties!

A reason to go home every season is the 'block party' held on the Sunday preceding Mardi Gras - the OOM general party. Underneath century old water oak trees, in the shadows of historic buildings, crowds filling the streets in their sunday best - as the invitation suggests suits and ladies dresses (and you might spot a fur coat or two).

This is the setting:

Guests line the streets as the a leading lady is presented on the OOM emblem float carried by mules. The emblem for this society is Folly chasing Death around the column of life. At the end of the parade, Death is defeated and Folly wins the day! The young lady, a grown daughter of one of the upsanding members, is then toasted and the party truly begins.

Women wear their finest sunday suits and many in hats and gloves. It is truly a party for the ages. Below: my husband and I at the OOMs this year.

And I wish I could begin to describe the food, in the way that food writer would, but I can't. Instead I'm going to share a few exerpts from an article from Saveur Magazine.

"Tantalized by the savory smoke filling the air, I snake through the crowd to a tent where grills are loaded with lamb chops, beef tenderloins, and sausages. The lamb chops are so succulent that the juices dribble down my chin. Across the street is another grill, full of oysters on the half shell, and everyone's stabbing forks into them while they're still over the coals. Wherever I turn, I'm being introduced to that cousin or this aunt; the queen has scads of relatives here... Drinking may pervade Mardi Gras, but great food and family is what truly keeps this tradition going."



Where do Mardi Gras Floats Come From?

First off, Happy Mardi Gras everyone! We just returned from Mardi Gras in my hometown of Mobile, Ala. I thought on this eve I would give everyone an inside look at the making of a Mardi Gras float. On Saturday since it was raining we visited one mystic society's float barn with my nephew, John Paul. Don't worry these beautiful floats are rolling down the streets of Mobile tonight!

Each year, a new theme for the entire parade is decided long in advance. This year this particular society chose "The Tempest" from Shakespeare and each float will depict certain scences or characters. The bases of each float are reused and if repairs are needed then those usually take place starting in the summer. First, the gold leafing is scrubbed off with a large brush and then any repairs are made. Floats are primed white to start with a clean slate and then the creation begins. Many old 'forms' are saved from year to year so they won't have to be rebuilt from scratch. For example, the cactus on the left below could be turned into field goal posts.

Heap of Forms:

Any new forms are attached and then the new design is laid out in charcoal and the basics are painted in. "Basics" mean the basic colors in the design: an area of red here, green there. Sometimes a basics painter will do this, other times the detail artist will do this himself. Once the basics are done, the detail work is painted onto the float. Finally, it is gold leafed and ready to go.

And the finished product!

With a future Reveler!
Laissez les bon temps roulez!

P.S.- For whoever came into Table Matters asking about the ice cream spoons - they will be in soon. If you want to message me, I can notify you when they are in. Right now there are just a few demi-tasse spoons in-stock!


Happy Spring

Pansies and budding grape hyacinths with dusty miller.

Japanese Magnolia in full bloom!