Le Creuset in Colorado..Who Knew

So I seem to have this inate ability to find unbelieveably fabulous things in bizarre places. Sure If I had planned on going to Keystone the first day, I could have look through some guide books or done a little research online to determine where I was going to be shopping or what I was going to be shopping for, but I didn't know until I got there of these plans. That is fine...I don't have to plan every minute of every trip. So I go into to Keystone with my friends, we get some breakfast and then I walk around a little (seeing there isn't much around anyways and usually most things at the slopes are about 4 times as much than at a normal place). We had passed an Outlet center in Silverthorne, so I opted to go back there and check things out. Low and behold, there is a Le Creuset outlet! I have been wanting a french oven. This new color, bisque, it isn't as boring and gray as it seems at first. It has undertones on lavender in it. It is really a pretty color and so different than all of their other electric colors. It suits me and my kitchen better. I got this normally priced $350 piece for a mere $125. I call that a deal and they will ship. I also opted to get the neoprene grippers that fir precisely on the handles. For $5, I definitely recommend. Go to Le Cresuet in Silverthorne, you won't be disappointed.

Entertaining in Colorado

Where ever I may I go...I like to entertain and have a good time. Every winter I go to Beaver Creek, Co with a group of friends. We are very fortunate to have this wonderful house to stay in (Thanks to the Hughes). And the advantage to this is the mere fact that I have a fully stocked kitchen and a great entertaining space. I unfortunately am not allowed to ski (since having both knees reconstructed at the age of 20). I kind of look at that as a plus though. I get to do my own thing during the day...see the next post. I cook during the afternoon and have hors d'oeurves ready when the skiers get home from the slopes and soon after a great warm meal. I tried out a number of recipes this trip. My favorites being - French Onion and Shitake Mushroom Soup, Easy Ice Cream Pie and a Chicken Picata over Angel hair. Also side note for those wine drinkers, the best place to buy wine is a place called beaver creek liquors. The wine is down in the cellar and waiting at the bottom of stairs is a lovely and knowledgeable sommelier. He's not pretentious; he is really incredibly helpful more than anything. Go there you won't be disappointed. And call me if you are going on a trip and want me to tag along to make your trip more laid back and enjoyable.


Kitchen Cabinets

So at some point of the evening of Sidney's Birthday, we began talking about the color of my kitchen cabinets. And yes it was something I had mixed specially for my kitchen. It is a Benjamin Moore paint. The walls I painted in 1501 with the following combination of colors : 2 x 28 -OY, RX-1, 1 x 6 . BK. I then had to mix a new high gloss finish for the cabinets. I'll have to find that can and get the mixture combo.