Priceless gifts...Engraved Silver

The night of our most recent tornadoes I was having a hard time sleeping due to the pressure change that I was feeling in my bones. I left the bedroom and went online -- started searching for me and my husband's silver patterns. In Both patterns (majestic and tuscany )we are lacking a few pieces and since they are both old, my mother suggests that I find those pieces now while I can still find it. In the midst of my search, I found this fabulous web site that allows you to search by name or initials and even sort out baby items. I found some very special and exquisite pieces on here. I'll share a few finds from silvermonogramfinds.com.

A christening cup

A baby's porringer

And gorgeous napkin rings!

This site will definitely be one of my go to spots for those very special wedding and baby gifts.


First Market Week of 2012

Here is a quick look of some great products from the Atlanta Market this winter. Juliska came out with a great outdoor entertaining collection complete with stemless glasses and a beverage dispenser. Love the Acrylic glass from Italy - I looks so real and like crystal! Fun Glass bottles from Vietri. Beautiful colorful barware and linens. And by the way, I don't like sectionals - but I loved this one from Moss Studio! And those trashcans - can just see them in a teenagers room!



Mario Luca Giusti - Italian Acrylic


Sunday Flowers for the Bishop

The episcopal bishop of the US was visiting Birmingham to install the new bishop of the diocese. And was assigned to preach at our church the following day. My flower partner and were on the schedule for this Sunday. Whether by chance or choosing it was us. We try when possible to draw from the reading some inspiration and interpret it in our displays.

This weekend's reading was about Jesus's baptism in the woods. Tell me what you think?