Priceless gifts...Engraved Silver

The night of our most recent tornadoes I was having a hard time sleeping due to the pressure change that I was feeling in my bones. I left the bedroom and went online -- started searching for me and my husband's silver patterns. In Both patterns (majestic and tuscany )we are lacking a few pieces and since they are both old, my mother suggests that I find those pieces now while I can still find it. In the midst of my search, I found this fabulous web site that allows you to search by name or initials and even sort out baby items. I found some very special and exquisite pieces on here. I'll share a few finds from silvermonogramfinds.com.

A christening cup

A baby's porringer

And gorgeous napkin rings!

This site will definitely be one of my go to spots for those very special wedding and baby gifts.

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