Sunday Flowers

Flower Guild at All Saints Episcopal Church
May 29, 2011

Oakleaf Hydrangeas, Queen Anne's Lace, Sweet Peas, Spray Roses, Ferns and Hostas


Fabulous Finds Friday....American Antique Finds

This week I was out and about looking for antique pieces for a client.  I thought I'd try some different places. I had always seen Noordermeer Antiques - next to Gian Marco's, but had never been by when it was open.
I had always assumed it was European antiques - dutch or swedish with a name like that!

It definitely was not - They had some great eaarly American pieces if that is your desire. The owner is also very knowledgable  and interesting to chat with. She guarantees the age of all the pieces as precisely as  possible with much research.

I found this 1880s cupboard and am contemplating putting it over my fridge? Love it!
Happy Memorial Day!


No Man's Land

Have you ever wondered what to do with the property between your house and your neighbor's house? 

What's mine and what's yours? 

Right about now, I was wishing that I had a better picture of the 'before'. Basically our "in between area" was filled with leggy, shrubby, ugly plants - lots of it being Rose of Sharon. It may sound pretty and look pretty when its in a pot at Home Depot, but it is an entirely different beast. (No I wasn't the one that planted it.) It self-seeds - meaning...they are coming up everywhere. I can't tell you how many plants I pulled up the day I cleared the area.


Some time ago, my neighbor and I had talked about making a path between our houses (we are dog sitting buds and often go back and forth between each others houses). And all of a sudden, one Sunday afternoon I found my self clearing out and making room. After the initial demo, in which I unearthed some rocks - I created a border along my driveway and the bed. Next I added the oak leaf hydrangeas and then the hostas and impatiens. I also hand some left-over slate to create a make-shift pathway until we decided on a material.

Once I got the ball rolling, the neighbor decided to add some more to the bed and remove some more shrubs. (and in all honesty she was probably waiting on me to do something, since my side probably looked worse beforehand.) She marked them and I approved and now we have a flowering peach tree in the back corner and some limelight hydrangeas. In her planting...she uncovered more stone...so we've decided to use those for the path.Now, just to find time to level the ground underneath.

I've added more to my side too...so stay tuned for more pictures and the growth of our new proud shared space! Happy Planting!


Fabulous Finds Fridays...Southeastern Salvage Finds!

Here are some highlights from my most recent visit to Southeastern Salvage. If you aren't familiar with SE Salvage,  it features name brands, high-end closeouts, and first-run imports -- all at an affordable price -- Southeastern Salvage offers an EVER-changing selection of goods.

Fold-able consoles with green painted base. Great for outdoor parties! $129!

 Industrial metal barstool with raffia cushion. Cheap...

Upholstered chairs. Love the weather oak and neutral linen. Cheap...

Go visit SE Salvage..its worth a trip (at least once a month)..you just never know what you'll find! And also, there is a living social deal that is good for 10 more hours there. Buy it here. For $20, you get $40 worth of merchandise!


Looking back to last May's Marry-ment!

May 15, 2010 - Christ Episcopal Cathedral - Mobile, Ala. 

And the Celebration in the Garden... 

 Flowers by Homer and Ron at Zimlich's Bros Florist. 

Cake by Rose at Pollman's

Catering by Clifton Morrisette. 

Linen's by BBJ.

Photography compliments of Melinda Mercer Photography.


Beautiful One Year Old Cake!!!

Wow, what a fun one year anniversary we had this past weekend! And one of the highlights included our wedding cake top! It was preserved oh so well by so.chic's mother, Joy. (Layer upon layer of saran wrap and foil in a freezer bag - kept it so moist! Thanks Joy!) 

A reflection of our big event in pictures to come soon!


Fabulous Finds Fridays...Deals on Supplies for Tornado Victims

If you are overwhelmed by of the supply lists that organizations are sending out to help Alabama's victims of April's Fury, then look no more. Any drop-off station would gladly take this great deal found at Winn-Dixie. When you buy 2 6-packs of dove soap for $14.98, then you get all of the following for FREE....a degree or dove deodorant, pond's towelettes, suave shampoo, and St.Ives Body lotion!!! This fabulous find is good through May 10. That is $14.26 in SAVINGS!

People in all of affected areas need toiletries! Look at where I was working on the clean-up yesterday....

Many people are starting from scratch, can you imagine having to wait in line for food and clothing? 
Be Thankful.


Fresh Island Centerpiece

For my kitchen island I wanted something fresh...so I chose an assortment of white containers. (All mostly wedding gifts!) The Arte Italica 'Bella Bianca' creamer and sugar made a nice addition to this little story. First, I found one of my most favorite houseplants at home depot and then I worked around the pilea. This variety, otherwise known as the friendship plant, is pictured below...is the one that I most adore. I love it textured and varied bright green and burgundy colors.

Next, I spotted the white Allium budding in my garden. Allium is a bulb (also part of onion family) and it propogates year after year. It is providing height for my grouping in a glass cylinder vase.

Next, I used some budding privet - an ultimate junk plant (at least in my book)- but its doing its job as a filler plant in the ironstone pitcher. I also used it at the Hollywood Showhouse in the tall blue pitcher. From a distance, it looks a smidge like lilac....

Hope you enjoy styling your spaces for spring!