Dinner Party for Yo Yo Ma

I've been asked to plan a dinner party for Yo Yo Ma while he is in town performing at the Symphony! It will be a small late evening dinner party for 6 at 10pm at the Residence of Gloria Moody. I've just met with Ms. Moody and We've selected the dinnerware and table linens. We are using Juliska Thread and Berry white chargers and dinner plates. The table linens will be a cool color palette of grays and beiges. The runner is an open cut work floral design in taupe silk. The napkins are a solid steel color in a Venezia fabric tied with a Juliska blown glass berry napkin ring. More to come later...Dinner party is April 2.

Parker Madness

Parker's 3rd Birthday is Saturday night and I am in the final stages of planning for the big party. The theme was an inspiration from the Dollar Tree last night. I found some great basketball paraphernalia. I'm playing off of March Madness with a basketball theme. I have rope basketball frisbees for the pups and basketball buckets for the kids. The food is all going to be variations of foods at a basketball game - pizza, nachos, wings, hot dogs, popcorn...with a little twist!!


Benjamin Moore Vail Mist

So my big project that I'm trying to accomplish before Parker's birthday party is painting the guest bedroom. After putting up many samples on the walls, I selected Vail Mist - a grey, green color. I'm painting at night so that I can get it all done within the weekend. Will publish finished pics later!


Orbee Tuff Fruit And Veggie Toys

These are the best, most indestructible dog toys ever. Parker has had the artichoke for about a year and the eggplant since Christmas. He can be very destructive...stuffed toys are usually gone in about 1 minute. These toys don't even show signs of wear either. I highly recommend. I can't wait for them to come out with more and then I can just have a fruit and vegetable basket for Parker -- instead of his basket of unsightly ripped and torn stuffed animals and rope toys. The vegetables are very aesthetically pleasing...a plus for those trying to have a good looking house with a live in dog! There is apparently a new little raspberry out for small dogs. I have seen it online...check planet dogs site. http://www.planetdog.com . These toys are also Eco-friendly and made in the US.